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Tired of having to put on shoes to walk in your garage? text quote graphic

Need to repair or transform your concrete garage floor?

We have the solution with high-quality epoxy floor coatings.

Oceanside Floor Coatings installs state-of-the-art customized epoxy floor coverings that are beautiful, durable, and easy to maintain. We are Jacksonville’s 5-Star epoxy garage floor coating specialists serving residential and commercial customers in North Florida. Whether you need to replace a deteriorating concrete floor or are looking to convert your garage into a workout room or rec space, we have you covered. We can fulfill any color combination that you want and can even add logos. All at a competitive price with a lifetime warranty.

Why choose an epoxy floor coating?

Epoxy is one of the toughest finishes that you can apply to a garage floor. It is not just another type of paint. It is a two-part coating that consists of an epoxy resin mixed with a polyamine hardener. Together, they create a structure with superior strength and durability that bonds to the concrete floor. It’s the perfect combination of strength and beauty with quartz, flake and metallic mixtures added in to create stylish colors and patterns.

Here are 10 reasons why an epoxy floor coating is the recommend choice for garage floors:

  1. Extremely durable and built to last; holds up against wear and tear
  2. Resistant to chemicals such as motor oil, gasoline, grease, bleach, and acids
  3. Chip and abrasion resistant; will withstand high impact from dropped items such as tools and free weights
  4. Built to endure frequent car and pedestrian traffic
  5. Protects concrete floors against damage and hides existing defects
  6. Improves the appearance of your space with beautiful colors and a glossy finish
  7. Polyaspartic topcoat is UV stable and doesn’t yellow or fade over time
  8. Easy to maintain
  9. Slip resistant and fire resistant for added garage safety
  10. A premium floor coating that improves home value

Why Choose Oceanside Floor Coatings of Jacksonville

Wondering what sets us apart? We are locally owned by Jacksonville natives who understand the harsh environmental and physical conditions that impact North Florida garage floors. We use a premium polyaspartic coating that is 20x stronger than a standard epoxy topcoat and is UV and weather resistant. We are fully licensed and insured, use top-of-the line products and equipment, and offer competitive pricing with a lifetime warranty.

Need more information? Visit our FAQ’s & Reviews.

Call 904-891-0719 or click here to learn more and to schedule a free estimate.


Oceanside Floor Coatings

Oceanside Floor Coatings

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